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La lingua

Castello Brancaleone in PibbicoThe most important component of “Si parla, si canta” is the language study. We have seen time and time again that the better you “parla” the better you “canta”. This is why mastering the Italian language and Italian diction is our first priority. Every day, Monday through Friday, begins with 3 hours of Italian language class. Centro Studi Italiani offers all levels of Italian courses for students of all ages, from grammar classes for the absolute beginner to literature courses for the extremely advanced. The programs are therefore flexible, adaptable, varied, rich, and unique.

Centro Studi Centro Studi Italiani is one of the most respected institutions of its type and, since its inception in 1985, has provided Italian language classes to more than 15,000 students from all around the world. In addition to the 3 hours of Italian grammar class offered every morning, Italian conversation classes take place every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. If this is still not enough, on Saturday mornings, the school offers optional Italian tutorials to clarify any linguistic concepts that have not been thoroughly understood. At “Si parla, si canta”, participants are truly given every opportunity to perfect their Italian.

La musica

Teatro Bramante

While mornings are focused on the study of the Italian language, afternoons serve as an opportunity to apply all that you have learned in the classroom to music. Participants receive a minimum of 2 private coachings per week with our esteemed faculty as well as numerous scene rehearsals on operatic repertoire previously assigned.

“Si parla, si canta” is a program rich with performance opportunities. Within the four-week program, singers can expect to participate in at least three public concerts. In addition, each summer we average close to five public masterclasses. For our scenes concerts, we have the great pleasure of performing in some of the most cherished venues in the Marche Region. These include: the 14th century Castello Brancaleoni in Piobbico, the Teatro Sanzio in Urbino, and the charming 19th century Teatro Bramante in Urbania, our home concert (pictured above).

La cultura

Urbania at Night

“Si parla, si canta” does not forget that amidst all of the work and study that goes on during the week, it is still important to find time to enjoy the Italian culture and all that the beautiful Marche region has to offer. On Wednesday afternoons and for the entire day on Sunday, Centro Studi organizes optional excursions to nearby places of interest (Urbino, Florence, Pesaro, Gubbio, Assisi, San Marino, San Leo and more). Pesaro is a particular attraction, as participants have the opportunity to tour Rossini’s house, spend the day on the beach, or peruse trendy shops.

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